Our story

To find a good ‘organization is crucial to know where it came from and how it was formed. In our case it all started from a dream, the dream of the founder of LIFE and LIFE-Onlus. It’s called Arif Hossain a Bangladeshi man, who for many years lived in Italy, where he arrived with an empty luggage materially, but full of enthusiasm, good will, really want to do. But her luggage was especially full of love, love for the past, a love that has infected over time more and more motivated and assuming that “unity is strength”, this union has led to the emergence of LIFE and LIFE .

His experience in close contact with the poor and the marginalized of his country prompted him to come to Europe, aware that his will to do here for the last could find support human, material and moral.

The first core of our organization was formed in April of 2010, from the simple formalization of a group of friends-professionals from various nationalities, from different cultural and social realities, in order to get the best benefit from the convergence of forces towards the good of humanity.

Subsequently, the original core of LIFE and LIFE has seen the entry of a figure soon became essential to the dynamics of the organization; the arrival of Valentina Cicirello has breathed new life and a lot more enthusiasm in the LIFE and LIFE, allowing the group to grow exponentially.

Valentina is now the vice president of LIFE and LIFE and the inexhaustible engine of a thousand initiatives.

‘LIFE and LIFE’ International Humanitarian Organization is a non-profit, is a secular and independent organization that pursues objectives of solidarity and carries out social assistance, social care, educational and charity in the field of International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. We are committed to working for the promotion of socio-economic development of countries.

‘LIFE and LIFE’ is committed to working for the promotion of socio-economic development of countries, mainly in the sectors of education, health and employment for the needy of the following countries:

– Bangladesh

– Ivory Coast

– Ghana


The organization’s activities are as follows:

– Humanitarian projects in the developing countries;

– Social ATM for local families and immigrant: ‘Help family’;

– Seminars, lectures and conferences at national and international level;

– Projects of intercultural education for the public and private educational institutes;

– Events and events (exhibitions, concerts, festivals, social dinners, etc.);

– Cultural and solidarity.